Buy Best Soni enterprise 12v 7 amp battery charger in India

T3A has added a Best Soni enterprise 12v 7 amp battery charger in India. Check out the latest price, specification, feature, etc at

Price: ₹ 2,499.00 - ₹ 1,549.00
(as of Apr 06,2021 13:05:04 UTC – Details)

Buy Best Soni enterprise amp battery charger in India

SMPS Based, Automatic cut-off Battery charger Suitable to charge 12AH – 220AH, 12V Lead-acid – VRLA, SMF, Flooded Batteries. Protection Against Short Circuit, Over Load and Reverse Battery connection. LED Indications – Power ON, Battery Charging status (Charging, Battery Ready), and Reverse Battery Connection. Light Weight, Wall Mountable, Metallic Enclosure with Epoxy Powder coating, Easy to Handle. 7 Amps,12Volts Fully automatic selectable battery charger. Charge any re-chargeable battery within a limited time. Ideal fOR Scooter/Bike, Car, Jeep, Generator – applications. Fully automatic boost/float cutoff charger. Automatic overcharge and over-discharge protection. Battery reverses protection with indication. Fully Copper Coil Transformer Attachment (FCCTA). Charge level indications with Ammeter. Battery Charger 7 Amps-12V automatic with ammeter and indications., Charge any re-chargeable battery (12AH-220AH)within a limited time. Ideal for Car, Jeep, Generator – applications., Fully automatic boost/float cutoff charger., Automatic overcharge and over-discharge protection., Battery reverses protection with indication., Fully Copper Coil Transformer Attachment (FCCTA)., Charge level indications with Ammeter. Made for any automotive and SMF/VRLA/Tubular batteries capacity 12Ah up to 220Ah, It’s a fully automatic battery charger, can connect permanently, Avid to connect low Ah battery ( bike/ scooter batteries), it can’t possible with these model. SMPS based, Input voltage = 230 V AC supply Max output voltage = 14.5 Volts Max Current = 7 Amps Short circuit protection REVERSE POLARITY PROTECTION Current Limited Charging method = CCCV

Can Convert AC 220V into DC 12V Output.
Reverse indication/protection.12V 7 Ampere Output.
SMPS Technology.

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